Sam Willis aged 8 rainbow trout 090418 web

8 year old Sam Willis with a 2lb rainbow trout on 9th April, 2018


Rod Singer brown trout 7lb 4ozs 12-03-18

7lbs 4ozs brown trout caught by Mr. Rod Singer on a home-tied Green Pea – 12th March, 2018

Geoff Allsop 3lb rb 230917 a

3lbs 2oz rainbow trout caught by Mr. Geoff Allsop on a size 14 Black Pennell – 22nd September, 2017


Peter Wright age 16 220817 a

16 Year Old Peter Wright from Canada with one of his first Blithfield Trout – 22nd August, 2017



Brownies stocked 160817b

 Native Brown Trout being stocked during August 2017


Alan Brear 1st ever fish 250717a

 Mr. Alan Brear with his first-ever fly caught trout on 25th July, 2017


Alfie Pioli age 9 010617 first fish web

 9 year old Alfie Pioli with his first-ever trout on 1st June, 2017


Roger Simpson Brown trout 220417 web

Mr. Roger Simpson with a stunning brown trout on 22nd April, 2017 


Graham Wood 8lb rainbow 140417 web

A plump, full tailed, overwintered Blithfield rainbow trout in excess of 8lb, April 2017


Baden 210316 web small a

 Mr. Baden Fowler with an 8lb 8ozs rainbow trout, 2016


Blithfield Sunset 040916 Stephen Roberts

 Just one of the amazing sunsets at Blithfield, 2016 ©Stephen Roberts


D Naylor brown trout 4lb plus 041116 web

 A stunning ‘Blithfield Brownie’  in excess of 4lbs –  11th November 2016


D. Cooper beginner 1st fish on fly 151016

Mr. D. Cooper – a novice angler – with his first-ever fly caught rainbow trout – October, 2016



Diggers Brown trout 271016 web

 Another example of the beautiful ‘Blithfield Brownies’  –  24th October, 2016 ©James Rigby


Graham Yates 5lb 5oz rainbow 120716a

Mr. Graham Yates with a 5lb 5ozs rainbow trout – 12th July, 2016 ©G. Yates


Barry Turner 6lb 4oz rainbow 030916web

 Mr. Barry Turner with a 6lb 4ozs rainbow trout – 3rd September, 2016


190916 Graham Wood 4lb+ brown trout a

 Mr. Graham Wood’s 4lb+ brown trout – 3rd September, 2016


100916 Phil Sadler 2lb 4oz brown trout

 2lb+ ‘Blithfield Brownie’ caught by Mr. Phil Sadler – September, 2016


Mrs Sarah Thompson 070516 a

 Mrs. Sarah Thompson with a cracking brown trout – May 2016


Pat Burton 18 08 2016 384 web

 8lbs+ rainbow trout caught by Mr. Pat Burton – August, 2016


Trevor Horton 6lb rainbow 141116

 Mr. Trevor Horton with a 6lb, full-tailed rainbow trout – November 2016


080316 Geoff Allsop w blue trout web v

Mr. Geoff Allsop with a simply stunning Blithfield blue trout – 8th March, 2016