Report for week ending 13th August 2017
Rod average  less than 2
Best fish several 3lbs plus rainbow trout
Caught by various anglers
From the South Lake
Fly used orange hopper ; coral lure
Best Dry Flies fiery brown , claret or red hopper ; red shuttlecock CdC ; small Daddy     Long Legs ; orange bodied Daddy Long Legs ; red or orange Shipman’s Sugar Lump
Best Wet Flies/Nymphs pearly Pheasant Tail ; pearly Diawl Bach ; Teal, Blue & Silver ; Silver Invicta
Best Lures fry patterns ; coral booby ; orange Terry’s taddy

Summary Report

A fruitful first time on the fly …

It is true to say that sport has slowed considerably during August as is usual for the time of year. Indeed the familiar expression used by many trout anglers refers to the “dog days of August” as water temperatures often peak during this month sending many trout down into deeper, cooler water – thus making it more challenging to find them and tempt them to take a fly.

Water temperature can also have an adverse effect on insect hatches. Intense emergences are most likely when the surface water temperature is between 10 and 18° C – any higher than this will naturally see a reduction in activity.

However fish are being caught this week on dry flies and on very small (pin fry) imitations in the top 3 feet of water and anglers venturing out on boats have been the most successful – even in warm weather trout will often ‘look up’ for the odd tasty morsel.

On one such typically sunny day Head Bailiff Dave Naylor took first-time fly angler Alan Brear out on a boat for some casting tuition. Using dry flies on a floating line, it wasn’t long before Alan landed his first trout over the deeper water – a great result that certainly dispels the myth “the  trout  won’t feed when it’s warm” ! Dave and Alan were only out on the water for an hour in the middle of the day and also missed another great rise.

Alan Brear 1st ever fish 250717a

Alan Brear with his first Blithfield trout

Weekly stocking has continued throughout the warmer weather and will do so into September. For the latest information please contact the fishery on 01283 840284 between 8am and 12 noon.