Report for week ending 14th May 2017
Rod average  5.27
Best fish 5lb 8ozs naturally grown on brown trout
Caught by  Mr. Edwin Biddle
From  bank, South Lake
Fly used  claret hopper
Best Dry Flies  black Shipman’s buzzer ; olive Shipman’s buzzer ; hare’s ear shuttlecock CdC ; Hawthorn ; Bristol hopper ; claret hopper
Best Wet Flies/Nymphs  Black buzzer ; olive buzzer ; blue buzzer ; Diawl Bach ; hare’s ear nymph
Best Lures  Cat’s Whisker ; green & black  ; FAB ; black viva

Summary Report

Marvellous May continues ….

Marvellous May continues to produce exceptional sport on the banks of both the South and the North Lakes.

The fish are mostly pre-occupied with feeding on small buzzers and terrestrials in the form of hawthorn flies, small daddy longlegs and the occasional sedge.

As always lures, presented to trigger the natural aggression of the trout, work but the ‘thinking angler’ who uses flies that represent the natural insect will consistently return the best bags. Boat fishing (when conditions are favourable) has also produced good bags to both the North and South Lakes. A fine example of this is the 36 fish caught by visiting rods Mssrs.Hood and Webster to their boat on the North Lake on the 11th May – mostly to dry flies.

Other notable returns this week include on the 8th for Permit holder Mr. Kevin Moore with a total bag of 12 fish from the banks ; Permit holder Mr. Paul O’Leary recorded a total of 11 fish ; Season Permit holders Mr. Peter Jeffries and Mr. Richard Meehan both returned double-digit bags from the South Lake banks with 13 and 15 fish respectively whilst Mr. Graham Wood recorded a total bag of 14 fish which included a 3lb brown trout. On the 9th Season Permit holder Mr. Rod Singer returned a bag of 14 fish from the banks of the South Lake, all caught on black buzzer imitations ; new Permit holder Mr. Alan Parker recorded a stunning 5lb brown trout from the bank of the South Lake and visiting rod Mr. Yousef Dar fished from a boat on the South Lake and returned a total of 14 fish, all caught on dry flies with the best being a 3lb 8ozs rainbow trout. On Wednesday 10th Season Permit holder Mr. Paul Walker fished for a few hours during the evening and returned a total bag of 13 fish and visiting rod Mr. Stephen Barnes paired up in a boat with Mr. Don Stazicker and recorded a fabulous 5lb brown trout amongst his bag. Season Permit holder Mr. Peter Barlow declared what a “good day” he had enjoyed on the 11th after recording a not-so-unlucky 13 fish from the banks. Also on the 11th visiting rod Mr. Denis Allen fished from the South Lake banks and returned a total of 25 fish all caught on black or olive buzzers. Another visiting rod enjoying great sport on the 11th was Mr. Richard Meigh who used buzzers to great effect, resulting in a bag of 16 fish. Further excellent bags were recorded on the 12th including for vising rod Mr. Mike Oliver who worked along the banks of the North Lake to return 35 fish, all caught on black buzzers whilst fellow visiting rod Mr. Freeguard fished for just 4 hours from the banks of the North Lake and, also using black buzzers, released over 20 fish ! On the 13th Season Permit holders Mr. Geoff Allsop and Mr. Ian Colclough both returned 19 fish apiece – however Geoff fished for only 4½ hours using a blue buzzer whilst Ian fished for longer using green buzzer imitations. On the same day Season Permit holder Mr. Edwin Biddle fished the banks of the South Lake using claret hoppers on a floating line and recorded 2 brown trout amongst his bag including the best fish of the week, a stunning 5lb 8oz naturally grown on brown trout. Best bags of the day went to two visiting rods – Mr. Eddie Guest who fished from a boat on the South Lake and returned 25 fish, all caught on dry flies whilst Mr. Peter Roberts fished from the South Lake banks and returned 20 fish all to buzzer imitations. Rounding off another incredible May week on the 14th further double figure bags were recorded with visiting rods again coming out top – Mssrs. Ralphs and Johnson, who fished together on the South Lake banks, returned 26 and 27 fish respectively all on black and red buzzer patterns. Anglers are reminded this week to ensure a catch return is submitted at the end of their fishing session, even if a nil return is recorded.

With the match season now upon us please note that boats need to be booked in advance to avoid disappointment on 01283 840284 (before 12 noon).

The rod average is 5.27